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Education is one of the most important drivers of sustainable change, yet it is also the primary requirement in cultivating consistency and stability. It plays a large role in creating new  perspectives by altering perceptions that exist, and is critical to personal and economic development. Education takes otherwise meaningless information and unwraps its actual value. 

Putting education at our core is the golden thread that brings together everything we do.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela


We are focused on the wellbeing of peoples’ lives. We strive to influence human behavior and thought processes by inculcating responsible behavior and decision making capabilities through information and education. We do this through the creation of innovative, creative and unique products aimed at playing an integral part in providing information and educational solutions in South Africa. Our epithet is “to open a world of possibilities through information and education” which we will do through the development and proliferation of various products in partnership with both private and public organisations.

"Knowledge is the energy with which the mind strategically directs your actions"

Lundi Njomane 


The primary objective of EduC8 Communication Systems (Pty) Ltd is to fuel a culture of education through the proliferation of effective educational material. We believe in forging long term relationships and a system of reciprocity involving both the private and public sector, driven by a common goal of using education for the betterment of people.


Commitment to human development, unflagging honesty, excellence and persistence. We seek to provide consistency in our actions and reliability in our deliverables. To practice ethical and exemplary standards and the valour to stand by these principles always.

Primary Business Activities

We develop practical, creative and informative educational material focused on promoting autodidactic learning. We believe in a pedagogical system that  allows the recipients of our products the opportunity to take charge of their own information management and learning. Our products are designed to be informative yet aesthetically pleasing and engaging in order to stimulate both the creative and analytical cues of a learner.

Product Branding

We are committed towards forging beneficial relationships with our clients and partners in the spirit of reciprocity. We understand that an exemplary image goes a long way in building investor and public confidence which in turn has a direct influence on your organisations triple bottom-line objectives. It is for this reason that we offer branding opportunities to your organisation ensuring that your educational initiatives leave a long lasting footprint that can be traced back to your organisation for many years to come.

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

Helen Keller

Product Category Description

Category 1: RoadGenii Products

RoadGenii is our road safety division wholly committed toward road safety education. South Africa has one of the highest accident rates that lead to injuries and fatalities in the world. These accidents cost tax payers over R3 Billion annually, this is however outweighed by the actual lives that are taken from their families and friends.

According to the Department of Transport over 80% of road accidents are due to human error. It then follows that to reduce the number of accidents, we have to address the human element; more specifically how drivers conduct themselves. The most effective way in influencing driver conduct or behavior is through effective driver education.

Our RoadGenii Products are aimed at making inroads toward reducing the number of road accidents. Our vision in this area is to strengthen the culture of road safety education in South Africa. Our products will help facilitate the introduction of better educated and responsible drivers to our road network.

Category 2: EduC8 Products

Our goal in this area is to primarily aid the delivery of knowledge taught in schools by researching and developing creative supplementary material. We steer away from conventional methods, opting to rather transform the learning process into a more engaging and entertaining experience.

Our EduC8 Products aim to assist learners with the basics of various knowledge areas by helping them understand  the fundamentals required in building a strong foundation in a given subject area.


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